10 Things I Never Travel Without

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As we are traveling, we take a lot of stuff with us, we try to travel lighter each time.

We’ve hiked with a heavy backpack and we did a 5-week bike tour in summertime with 4 panniers…each.

But there are some things I never go without.

These 10 things I never travel without…


1. Zipp lock bags – to keep precious belongings dry and organized.

2. Books…. maybe will transfer to ebooks, someday but for now I take the books. Mostly second hand books (so no extra trees had to go down). They smell like adventure. I like to read books about travel. My prefer authors are: Dolf de Vries (Dutch), Caroline Drinkwater

3. Flip-flops. Going swimming, showering is not-so-clean showers, relaxing. They don’t require a lot of space, are inexpensive and easily replaced and come in fun, happy colors. I love Teva.


4. Smartphone. It’s my camera, my connection with home and sometimes internet, sometimes my routemap and guide

5. Watch. I always want to know the time. How many hours of daylight untile we have to find a campsight, how much water have we drank in the last hours, etc. I like to take care of myself. Travel is finding a balance of letting go and taking controle.

6. Notebook and a pen. To write down the adventures I do not want to forget. To know where we have been.

7. Lipbalm. I get crazy if my lips are burning!

8. Hand sanitizer. Have saved me serveral times. No need to waste water to wash hands, to get ride of oil and grease (which you will get while riding a bike for several weeks) and so on.

9. Flashlight without batteries, I think it is called a squeezer. In Dutch it is: ‘knijpkat’.

10. Cap or hat. For some reasonI get headaches when out in the sun with a cat of hat. So need this!


What things don’t you travel without?


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