Gear for travelling by bike – Part 1

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So, you have decided to travel by bike.

What do you need?

A bike, ofcourse, and light gear. Because weight counts while travelling by bike. Not so much when hiking, because your bike can hold a lot for you. But every pound or kilo does count.


You need to:

– bike

– eat/drink

– sleep

– rest and relax

– and take care of yourself and your body


In this post I will you about our sleeping gear.



Our tent is a light weight – 4 seasons tent.

Nordisk – Husedalen Northtec SI-2000

Color: Sand

For 2 persons

Outside layer water resistent: 1500 up to 3000 mm

Aluminium frame.

Total weight: 2,9 kg
Total size packed: 20 x 52 cm
Total musqito proof. Doors on both sides of the tent.






























We’ve bought it online at Campz voor 231,20 euros.

And we love it. Light weight, set up in 10 minutes, can stand a lot of rain, can open up when it hot but still no musqito insight.


Sleeping mat

We have bought second hand sleepings mats online and we both have the same one.


Self inflating

These are pretty long: 197 cm. And 65 cm wide. But we wanted a little comfort aswell.

Weight: about a kilo per mat.

It is easily cleaned with some water and soap (make sure the sun is able to dry to matts in time before you go to bed on them again 😉 )

We do fill up the mats with extra air. Because the self inflating system is not enought to sleep comfortable on.

It looks a bit like this one, but the color is brown on the not sleeping side and blue/green on the sleeping side.



Sleeping bag

I have a light weight sleeping bag from Xenos, but I’m always cold in it, so my partners uses it now.

And his one is also a light weight one. And an oldie.

So we are looking for new ones this year. Any one suggestions? 🙂

To not be cold I wear long sweatpants and a fleece vest.



We have a cheap but wide and flat pillow that we have to inflate.

I have tried a small one, but I hated it. It was too round, too small and I “lost” the pillow during the night, all the time! Grrrr.

So in France I’ve bought this one from Intex.

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