Gear for travelling by bike – Part 2

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Which clothes to take along and how to pack them?


First of all, I got inspired by this video on Youtube on how to pack them:

Packing for a Bicycle Tour

So credits to them.

And we ended up buying the Eagle Creek Double Cube.

eagle creek cube

It has worked perfectly for us. 5 weeks of clothes into one.

Michiel even used it as a toiletry bag AND had all his clothes in it!

I’m a woman and need more room than that.

So this article is for all the women who (want to) travel by bike. 😉






Bike clothes:

– 2 bike shorts. I didn’t have good bike shorts, so had a lot of skin irritation on my buttocks….everyday 🙁

but now I have ones that I like: Rogelli bike wear.


– 1 set of biking gloves

– 1 sport t-shirt

– 1 3/4 sports pants

– 1 hat

– 1 cap

– 2 sports bra’s

– jacket

rain legs – only mine didn’t work: soaking wet, so never worn them again!

– a helmet, ofcourse. Wore it all the time on the bike. It is mandatory in France and Spain.

– several pair of socks



– 1 summer dress

– 1 maxi dress

– 1 blouse short sleeve

– 1 blouse 3/4 sleeve

– 1 fleece jacket

– 4 singlets

– 2 long sleeve T-shirt

– 1 3/4 pants

– Swimming gear

– 1 bra

– underwear

– handband

I believe that you need some ‘normal’ clothes too. But at the end I wore sporty clothes on a non biking day too. So next time I would take an extra bike short with me and less normal day wear.



Since we didn’t have any bike shoes, we used normal shoes. And it worked fine!

– sneakers (fake All Stars)

Teva flip flops

– cheap flip flops for the shower

– sandels

– running shoes

I never biked with the flip flops, and 2 pair of shoes seems much, but we had some bad weather and one pair wasn’t dry the next day, so I could use the other one.



– I had one pair of sunglasses with me, which broke on the day before our returnflight.

– I had my normal glasses with me and contact lenses (one-day).


We didn’t take any laundry detergent, because you can wash your clothes with shampoo, we did have multi-purpose soap, but we run out of that pretty soon. Mostly we tried to wash with a washing machine availible on the camp side. Often they sell laundry detergent with it.

The important thing is that you need comfortable clothes to bike for long distances, but also protect you from sun and rain.

And you need more sets, because you don’t have time to wash and dry it every day. Also, at night it cools down, so you need some clothes to stay warm.

Some things to think about:

– easy to dry

– easy to wash

– light weight

– multi functional

– feels good on your skin and makes you feel good

– ready for al kinds of weather (cold, warm, dry, wet)


But it also important to keep your clothes dry, which is easier with good panniers….so more about panniers on the next blog!

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